BIM stands for: Building Information Modeling.

During a construction process, many different parties work together towards the final result. The roles and responsibilities of these parties shift regularly. The environment is also in constant flux. The large amount of parties and data within a project and the dynamic thereof creates a significant chance of failure costs.

BIM is the solution that ensures that all relevant information is stored, used and managed during the entire process in a digital (3D) building model. All parties involved in the construction process work with the same information and thus see what each is doing. As such, the information is constantly available and always up to date. In the automotive and aerospace industry, similar methods and information storage has been successfully applied for a long time.

Since 2006, Peree Bouwadvies B.V. works integrally by means of SCIA Esa Engineer and Allplan, with the aim to reduce the chance of failure, and to improve the process. Allplan is exchangeable by means of IFC with standard packages, including Revit.