Peree Bouwadvies B.V. is an expert in the area of fire safety and can thus function as a consultant. Our service is focused on existing buildings as well as new-builds. In case of new-builds, much time and money can be saved, if fire safety requirements are taken into account in the design in a timely fashion. Furthermore, you can deploy us as contact person for the government.

Building plan assessment fire safety

In order to obtain a building permit, a building needs to comply with all applicable architectural fire safety requirements of the building code. This plan assessment includes the following items:

  • Fire compartmentalisation + calculation normative risk of the fire spreading;
  • Strength in case of fire (requirements main supportive structure);
  • Controllability of smoke (escape);
  • Escape routes;
  • Fire protection system in accordance with the building code (per 1 November 2008).

If the design does not comply with the fire safety requirements, we of course will help to think of a solution.

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Equivalent solutions

Our experienced advisors are happy to help you to find equivalent solutions in the area of fire safety. To this effect we can play an advising and/or designing role. This can include the following equivalences:

  • Large fire compartments by means of Method Controllability of Fire 2007;
  • Fire strain calculation for reduction of the demand of the main supportive structure;
  • Calculation of fire spreading between buildings and/or different construction layers in accordance with NEN 6068;
  • Filling timed (smoke) model for longer walking distances (safe escape).