For years, Peree Bouwadvies B.V. has been a reliable partner for both housing cooperation as well as architects, contractors and institutional investors, in the market segment of housing, utility buildings, industry and renovations.
In our project approach we work from a rough scope into the fine details, where in the first instance an inventory is made of the plans and the wishes of the client and the team.
In this inventory, we look for clear, simple and proper building structures and materialisation and translate this into a preliminary design.
If so desired, we can assess the projects in this phase architecturally, building physically, but also budgetting by which feasibility and technical alternatives can already been highlighted and assessed in the preliminary trajectory.
When the preliminary design is ready, the DO documents will be drafted (final design).
Together with the other project partners, we can if so desired, amend, check or draft the specification text, and after award, the implementation phase can commence.

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